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Created out of love, long before all the others, back in Season 3, this is The Original Walking Dead Tour. Our tour is also the only tour entirely operated on a former Walking Dead filming location. We issue you replica weapons, & step into the apocalypse, into the actual buildings where scenes with Rick, the Governor, Daryl, Hershel and many more were filmed. 
Experience the ultimate thrill for Super-fans and recreate your favorite scenes from Season 3, Episode 13, "Arrow on the Doorpost," when Rick and the Governor meet face to face for the first time, to negotiate a peace treaty, involving the possiblity of trading Michonne.

Stand in the exact spot where the uneasy conversation between Daryl, Martinez, and Andrea and where they killed several walkers, trying to one-up each other. 

Take pictures in the eerie cotton gin where the govorner killed Merle, and where poor Daryl cried as he had to re-kill his reanimated brother. 

And more. So much more!

Shop Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 12pm

Tour Times:
Monday - Saturday: 10am and 1pm
Sundays: 1pm

Cel phone service and Google Maps are spotty in this area so print, review, & follow these easy directions:

We are 5 minutes south of Senoia,  located at the corner of I-85 and 10 Line Creek Rd. in Haralson, GA, just 5 miles south of Senoia, GA. Driving north on GA-85, we are on the right, just past the white clapboard Methodist church and  brick Lutheran Church. Coming south on GA-85 from Senoia, we are on the left, just before the aforementioned churches. 

​We suggest you book your tour in advance with the Book Now link at the top of this page.
10 Line Creek Rd.
Senoia, GA 30276

(678) 329-4400